Paladins: Champions of the Realm was first released in December on Xbox One and PS4 as a closed alpha. Fast forward to March and they went into a closed beta releasing thousands of codes for those lucky enough to grab them. Now on May 3rd the game has entered beta for everyone!
Here's a cinematic trailer to get you excited about it:

The above trailer shows off most if not all characters available at the moment even if just for a split second.

Hi-Rez's first person shooter started off on PC and just like Smite, their free MOBA, made it's way over to console after some time. Not much has changed since March when beta access required a key. There is still 24 champions available and hundreds of cards that are used to customize characters in any way you please.
Here is the beta trailer:

If you have played Smite the free to play aspects are basically the same. Characters are unlocked via in game currency which is acquired by playing matches in the game as well as real money. Another way, similar to Smite, to unlock all characters is to purchase the Founders pack. The Founders Pack also includes exclusive cosmetics, all the standard voice packs, bonus currency and much more.

The beta is available now on Xbox one and PS4.

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