Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, had some words for a fan that asked about a fourth installment of the Fable Series. Phil was asked by a fan on Twitter (https://twitter.com/dragen_Lig... ) if he will ever see a new game as it was a big part of his life when he first had an Xbox. Phil responded with, "Nothing to announce right now but I do think the IP has a lot of places it could go."

Now According to ex-Lionhead art director, John McCormack the studio did pitch a fourth installment of there game series. It was going to be set in a technological, industrial age but the idea was rejected by Microsoft.

Fable: Legends was ultimately cancelled and Lionhead studio closed. So all hope was lost for a new Fable game. However it seems Microsoft has their door opened for the old franchise and might revive it one day.

If we learn anything else we will make sure to keep you updated.

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