Fans of the ever popular Call of Duty World at War Nazi Zombies mode will have already played this to death but I will review it for those who haven't anyway...

This Zombie map is set in a swamp next to the site of a meteor crash, there is a central hut with two floors and then four paths leading out to smaller single floor huts. There is a zipline to transport you to and from one of the huts and also there are electric barriers similar to those in Verrukt. However there is also something new known simply as... the Flogger.

The Flogger is a large spiky wooden contraption which spins around when activated and slingshots zombies which touch it to their death - it is also hilarious to watch.

There is also the inclusion of hell hounds in this map... some people find them annoying but personally after a gruelling round of zombies, they can be quite a god send because when they are all killed, you get a Max Ammo. The dogs spawn randomly around the map and hunt you down and try to bite you... however 1-2 rounds of a trench gun seems to sort them out a treat.

The perks make a return but this time they are scattered randomly in each of the 4 outer huts, it is your job to locate each of the vital perks such as Juggernog and Speed Cola.

Another major inclusion to this map is the Wunderwaffe DG-2... an electricity based weapon which, despite it's limited ammo, can be devastating... if you shoot this into a crowd of zombies it will bounce from one to another taking about 10 zombies out at a time. You can also make it travel via the water in the swamp zones.

It also comes with 10 Achievements, of which can be found along with a guide to obtaining them all x2i4eva.com/forum/viewtopic.ph...

All in all, if you're a zombies fan, you definately need this map.. but then again if you're a zombies fan, then you probably already have it.

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