Background Information
This iconic game was the first Sonic game to hit the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and what a game it was. It boasted stunning speed, exciting gameplay scenario's and an amazing platforming experience unlike any other game of its generation.

The speedy blue hedgehog could run, jump and roll through mind boggling levels and loop-the-loops, rescuing tiny animals that have been captured by the evil Dr Robotnik (known currently as Dr Eggman) and captivated inside robots that act on his every command.

Sonic must defeat Dr Robotnik, Rescue the animals and collect all of the Chaos Emeralds.

The game was pretty simple, you could run, duck, jump and roll your way through the levels, jumping on an enemy would destroy it and set free the animal within.

Collecting gold rings was a form of health, so long as sonic had at least 1 ring on his person at a time he would not be killed. You could also collect shields to give you an extra hit.

The levels are all full of their own challenges and unique enemies. Each level has a boss at the end where Robotnik must be fought. And there is special stages which require you to navigate through a circling maze to find a Chaos Emerald.

All in all this game is full of win for anyone who likes a classic game or two... however, to a gamer not of this nature who has experienced the gameplay of later Mega Drive/Genesis Sonic games, the lack of Spindash, Super Sonic and other key things may lead them to believe the game isn't as good.

Multiplayer and Online Capabilities
This game has a Leaderboard as do most if not all of the Genesis/Mega Drive ports do.

The achievements are pretty easy to get, some speed runs are in there, clearing of levels, collecting rings and emeralds. And also the obvious complete the game one... however there are two which require you to finish the game in a set time limit and again without dying - but due to the save anywhere feature that this game has, it shouldn't be too hard to get the full 200G with a bit of patience.

For 400MSP, it's a good game if you are into your classics... however if your looking for a bit more gameplay and action, you'd be wiser spending it on either Sonic 2, 3 or Sonic and Knuckles.

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