As all Sonic fans are aware the 2D Sonic, Sonic Mania, is being released this year. On the other side of the Sonic fence though, more specifically the modern side, we have seen Sonic Forces mainly focus on the modern Sonic.

However a trailer released today showing off the officially called Classic Sonic. It's beginning to look at lot like Sonic Generations 2. Since Sonic Generations was called, "A Sonic game for Sonic fans." I think everyone who loves the blue blur will be keeping there eye on this one.

Here's the trailer:

Looks a lot different than the darker screenshot we got earlier in the year:

Whether you are a fan of Modern Sonic or Classic Sonic looks like this game is going to have something for everyone. We will keep you updated as more will be reveled this summer as we know very little about this game. Sonic forces will be releasing just in time for holiday 2017.

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