Here at Xbox Resource, we have had a very turbulent few years. With impressive activity turning into extreme inactivity and decay. This has been due to various different reasons and some that I am unwilling to go into. However with the past behind us and with the team here working and planning hard behind the scenes on what to do next and where we go from here.

We have all collectively come together to begin the next chapter in the life of Xbox Resource. We are working with a brand new team of writers, some fresh and familiar faces will be returning however so keep an eye out for them. We aim to bring in as much content a week as possible, this will range from the latest Xbox related news no matter what platform the title falls under be it Windows, Console or even one of the many different hand held devices currently on the market.

But we also aim to revive our A+ reviews and bring you video features and even the possibility of a weekly podcast in the future. So with all that said and done, I think it's time to knuckle down and bring you the latest in Xbox content....so let's get started!

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