Developer: Quaternion Studio
Publisher: EnjoyUp Games
Players: 1
Genre: Side Scrolling Beat Em Up
Launch Date: 4th December, 2015
Price: TBC

Rock Zombie is a modern throwback to the glorious days of retro side scrolling beat em up goodness. Setting the scene, It's 1995 the Sega Genesis tuned up and running on my sketchy 12inch big back telly and I'm fully immersed in a thrilling streets of rage 2 session... fast forward 20 years and here we are in the middle of a wave of undead. All must be defeated before the flashing *go* appears in the corner of the screen, that very same feeling all these years on, Telling me that I have survived another intense situation.

As soon as I set eyes on this game I knew it's one for me, not only is it a harp back to some of my favourite gaming memories, it's brings together two of my favourite things... Zombies and rock music. Rock Zombie's story is a simple yet classic B-Movie tale, a 'All Female' 3 piece rock band are absolutely killing it at a show when suddenly... you guessed it, ZOMBIES. Zoe Sasha and Crystal take it upon themselves to take on the hordes one guitar-swinging, power-chording doom-riff at a time all while dropping one liners and general rock star shenanigans.

Gameplay is fast and fun, combat is basic and easy to master, you have a horizontal, vertical and a magic attack whilst combos of the three serve as the magic wielding power riffs capable of dispatching undead in large groups. While at first it feels strange that jump, a rock star's favourite in the dance moves department, is left out completely, you soon realise it's not needed at all (Sorry Van Halen) with various difficulties this game is still pretty challenging with multiple zombies and hard boss stages, this game even has a Arcade 1990 mode which is as hard as the modes found on your Sega carts and the coin fed wonders of the arcade, once dead, you are dead. Back to the start for you with no chance of reanimation.

A stand out stage for me is a nicely timed break from all the side scolding awesomeness is a rolling motor bike stage, tasked with avoiding obstacles and splatting zombies! Levels are displayed as comic books to complete and replay for greater score, while the game's dialogue and cutscenes are largely played out in classic story board format, adding to that gritty B-Movie feel perfectly. The art style in general realy reflects that of grimmy B-Movie comic book, complete with added Piff, Pows and Cranks. The soundtrack is a chuggy, metal tastic good time with riffs aplenty. You better like rock music!

On a dead note (Read: Terrible Zombie based music joke) the unlockables in this game are buried under an in game currency, while most of it is artwork which is really nice to look at, the cool stuff like extra costumes and different guitars are so expensive that even after 4 hours of game time you have enough for a few bits of art and find yourself quite shy of anything at a higher price tag.

The Achievements do fair much better, they are relatively easy while most ask you to perform multiples of each combo or even bank and whole load of coins, which I've already said is hard work. I hear you all, paused with anticipation... But James, what about the multiplayer? This game has no multiplayer at all, even built following the greats like Streets of Rage, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Double Dragon all absolutely classic side scrolling beat em ups, they all had Co-Op. While ROCK ZOMBIE is a great zombie slashing, pretty lady, guitar wielding fun time... I can't help but wonder how much more fun I'd have with a second controller plugged in. Verdict: 79%

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