Developer: Golden Ruby Games
Publisher: Ripstone
Players: 1
Genre: Action / Platformer
Launch Date: September, 2015
Price: $12.99

Extreme Exorcism is a fast paced Action Platformer where you have to kill the ghost of yourself, over and over again. Each time you kill yourself a 'ghost replay' (see what I did there) is created and you are tasked with taking down the latest ghost that mimicked your last actions. In order to kill these ghost your first objective of each spawn is to locate a weapon. Weapons spawn in pre determined locations on the level, these vary from drop kicks to a magical staff of doom and you can hold three. Yes THREE! Which fire all at the same time.

Once you kill the latest ghost marked with a crown, crown ghost if you will, the next round will start where you have to repeat the killing of the ghosts or going straight for glory by taking out the crown ghost, this is where is starts to get crazy, you have several ghosts of all your previous kills flailing around shooting all sorts of projectiles and suddenly a floating pink pair of wings spawn at a weapon location, this is the exorcism. The exorcism is the game changer of weapons, as its names suggests it removes ghosts of your former self permanently, so you can go back to you vs. one of you for at least one round, this is how you hit the high scores, high scores unlock the next level and high scores in each level unlock the next part of the mansion

There are 3 game modes on offer, Arcade, challenge and deathmatch, while I have spoken about how the arcade mode works I have not mention its fantastic drop in couch Co-op, this is the most fun part of the game, times all the fun you had in single player by 4, but with more fun comes way more danger and a lot more crazy on screen action. Challenges mode tasks you with 5 tiers of increasingly difficult objectives such as gathering kills or having multiple ghosts with the same weapons. As for deathmatch, its just that, 2 to 4 players are tasked with killing each other, if you win you get a ghost. Easy right? Until more people get more wins.

The art style is this game is a personal love of mine, that pixel art is something I really enjoy, takes me right back to Ghost House on the Sega Master System. The music is a perfect fit to the pixel looks with a spooky chip tune feel that ups the tension perfectly. The Achievements, 13 in total for the full 1000, which means there are a few high scorning ones. For example killing 1000 ghost will net you 200G and dying 1000 times gets you 100G the challenging achievement will net you the lowest Gamerscore, one crazy one to point out has you amassing 30 ghosts in play at once for 30G, imagine doing that on solo. Crazy!

While deathmatch and challenges are great for a bit of fun, the real ectoplasm of the game is found in the arcade mode, especially with a few friends, while the crazy fast paced gameplay can make your head spin round, you'll at least have a lot of fun doing so. Verdict: 82%

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