Developer: Voo Foo Studios Publisher: Ripstone Players: 1 Genre: Simulation Launch Date: 21st August, 2015 Price: £15.99 While Pure Hold'em is the first outing for the card based gambling simulator on the current generation of consoles, given the popularity of Full House Poker, the Avatar Hold'em game on the Xbox 360 I find it quite suprising it has taken so long for one to appear. What VooFoo have done is deliver a solid hand of Hold'em.

The only game mode available is hold'em, not at all out of place in a game called Pure Hold'em, while that might be the only game to play you do have 6 tables, both online offline and tournement. While all the same game they increase in buy in cost, some may feel far out of reach, but dedicated and skilled Poker players can get to that sweet, sweet Million Chip masters table. Playing the offline mode can feel like you are just looping in a safe, quiet game of poker, the AI is smart and will play to the hand they have so sometime you can tell if they have something because if they don't, chances are they'll fold if pushed into a raise. As for Online, this is where you want to play. It can be ruthless, scary and if you don't know your stuff, you'll end up broke, when this happens you are subjected to the Joker table. Buy in is free on the joker table, you are give a tiny stack of chips in order to play some great hands. On the joker table you don't keep your winnings, you are playing to impress the game, being rewarded chips for good hands, streaks or even just playing the hand, these add up fast. I went form 0 to around 900 in less the 10 minutes... Or could always turn to the micro-transactions. As for micro-transactions, I'm not a fan of them. Especially if you have already paid they price of admission, Which in this case could already feel quite high to the casual Poker gamer.

Plenty of customisation options. You can modify your cards, chips and the cloth of your table. Even the locale of your poker club, this adds to the atmosphere of a private game with friends as you can show of your choice in colour, anything is a bonus to individuality as unfortunately in reality you are just playing against 7 other Tablet computers, I know its been done but Xbox avatar or even just a in game avatar would of been a lovely visual extra, even a quick select of a few text pop ups to break up a dull online game where no one is in the chat. The music is a nice touch, you can flip between different styles from Big Band to Hip Hop. The Achievements are great, a full 50 of them for your 1000 gamerscore, a lot will come through natural progression where some may take a while to get.a prime example of this could be 'Tournament 20 - Win 20 Pure Hold'Em tournaments - 30G' while tournament mode is only online, if you not some poker genius, this could prove tricky.

All in, (Pun not optional) Pure Hold'em is a solid Hold'em simulator. Poker fans will enjoy this one, however the casual gamer may be forced to fold on that high Buy in price. Verdict: 70%

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