Developer: Clockstone Studio Publisher: Clockstone Studio Players: 1 Genre: Strategy/Sim Launch Date: 21st August, 2015 Price: £7.99 / $9.99 Bridge Constructor has been extended to reach Xbox One. In this RIVETING (See what I did there) Construction game you are tasked with making a bridge with the sole purpose of crossing two Cars / Trucks / 18 Wheelers. Your superior engineering skills are not based on the structural integrity of the bridge, just if the vehicles can make it across... Upside down or not.
There is no denying this game is fun and a bit silly, it may not keep you playing forever but will certainly give you lots of laughs.
With the objective clear, you are armed with 4 types of material, Wood, Steel, Concrete and Cable and a budget which you CAN NOT ignore, seriously that budget is set in solid stone and stronger than any bridge you'll ever construct. As master of engineering you must build these bridges to budget, scoring more points for less resource used. As you progress throughout the world map like level select these materials switch in and out. One minute you are building a wooden bridge the next an epic suspension bridge across the city centre. The interface is a snap to grid system which really works well with a controller. In addition the base game, included in the Xbox One release is the DLC add on SlopeMania which tasks you in creating... You guessed it, sloping roads.

While ultimately this is a PC game ported to mobile devices and then ported back to Xbox One the graphics have been improved and cleaned up for this release while not amazing, they are far from terrible, even the backgrounds vary slightly from level to level. The music, or lack of may be a better term, it took me around 20 minutes of gameplay to realize that instead of having no sound at all, it was a touch style toggle switch on the main menu to enable sound, I'm not sure why my sound was disabled as default. Even when enabled the sound wasn't much in the way of anything, just basic background music with the odd sound effect. Once I had enabled the sound, the effects did indeed add to my experience, making each crumbing bridge feel more real.

The Achievements are pretty fun in this game, 41 of them for the full 1000, not often do you see secret ones on a title like this so I was very happy to unlock one by driving my cars off the edge in frustration. Most are unlocked by clearing levels and worlds with the cars then trucks then tank trucks, almost like a difficulty setting to obtain them. The dedicated engineers can easily obtain all this game has to offer.

All in all, Bridge Constructor is a fun, pass the time kind of game, its not a hardcore simulation, however, the dedicated can get hours out of shaving resources off of a build to make the construction all the more special. You could play this game for ages and not realize, your time won't be wasted... Unlike your terrible bridges. Verdict: 66%

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