Developed and Published: Tic Toc Games Players: 1 Genre: Action Platform Launch Date: August 21st, 2015 Price: £10.99 Adventures of Pip is a beautiful pixel platformer developed and published by Indie game developer Tic Toc Games, off the back of a successful kickstarter they are bringing their Unity engine puzzle jumper to Xbox One. You play as Pip, Born just a single pixel you awaken as the castle is under attack from the evil Queen DeRezzia, She has come to kidnap Princess Adeline who posses the power to create pixels, In a world where worth is based on how many pixels you are made of... This means everything.

Starting as just a mere pixel Pip is given a brief run down of his abilities, Move, Jump and glide with the classic jump on their heads approach to enemies. You are given just a few moments before you meet Sir Elwyn, The good sir bestows the power of the 16-bit evolution... With this brings added height to the platforming with wall jumping and a second combat action, a punch. With evolution to a second form now available each time you destroy a glowing crystal like enemy you use the combination of evolutions to reach the goal and save the people of castle, unfortunately once you get past the guilt of missing the odd villager you soon realize you can go on without them, albeit with a feeling of shame and regret, but if your a completionist you'll love back tracking to find them all.

What 32-bit world would be complete without at 32-bit evolution? Once Pip learns the last evolution he has the ability to wield a strong sword for better combat and strength to destroy obstacles, as with all evolutionary benefits come drawbacks. While Pip's 32-bit exterior may be great with a sword, its not so great and wall jumping or using springs, you must learn to use combinations of evolution and devolution to reach the goal. After some time with all three forms you soon realize each 'Bit' has its place and thankfully you get to use all of them quite frequently. The platforming its self is quite challenging and can be fustrating as you learn the ropes but once you have the jump, morph, jump mastered you will be flying through. The few and far between check points come with great relief and many a refilled heart, you can fail that jump or land on that enemy with the relaxing feeling that you have an infinite respawn point just behind you.

The world it's self is a beautiful mix of resolutions and parallax scrolling, the landscapes and enemies combine 8, 16 and 32-bit spectacularly really giving you the feeling that all pixels can live in this world, pixel art has certainly held its place in today's gaming. The world map is presented in a way which is very familiar to any retro gamers with a nod to the Italian Plumber and the green hooded Hero of Time. The colours are bright and really compliment the pixel style. The soundtrack is a beautiful orchestral score which really complements the worlds and dialog between characters. My only criticism of the look may be the worlds are quite long with up to 8 levels so you can be looking at the same art style for a while, it is pleasant to look at however seeing similar surrounds for a long time can feel bland.

Achievements in this game are for the completionist, 20 achievements for the 1000 Gamerscore. While you can unlock a few of them during a normal playthrough, over half of them require completionist standards across worlds and the entire game to net one of the two 100 Gamerscore achievements. While not impossible at all, could prove a problem for the casual unlocker, to the seasoned achievement hunter most are more then likely be done as you play the game with minimal back tracking.

Adventures of Pip might not be the longest game available on the Xbox One, its one of the few platforming games available today, if you enjoy old school platformers of yesterday this game will give you a few hours of jumping puzzle happiness, if that isn't you, give it ago anyway. While repeatedly dying on a boss or failing that jump for the seventh time might make you mad, I guarantee you'll keep trying until you make it. Verdict: 87%

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