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Surviving mars gets announced
When building cities on Earth just doesn't cut it anymore. 2 weeks ago

Surviving Mars has been officially announced by Paradox Interactive. The game is a city builder developed by Haemimont Games where they aim to create a realistic scenario where humans travel to Mars and start making there own cities. Their game takes inspiration from NASA, SpaceX, and a number of science fiction stories as Haemimont Games takes in consideration the problems and challenges with colonizing a new planet.

The game is very early in development and therefore not much is known. However we do have a quote from Jakob Munthe, the product manager for Surviving Mars, that shows some things we might encounter in the game, "What I can tell you is that Surviving Mars is a hardcore survival city-builder where players will be tasked with creating an actual livable homestead on a frozen, barren rock, floating millions and millions of kilometers from any help. You must produce water, air, and food on a planet that really isn’t very good at supplying any of the above, while creating habitats a few thousand square meters big that are interesting enough to stop your colonists from going insane from boredom."

We also get a cinematic trailer:

We see in the trailer some robots, land rovers, and a look at couple of cities. The game looks beautiful for being on a planet covered with nothing but red "dust". Sadly no release date has been announced, but Surviving Mars is expected to release in 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. We will keep you updated her on
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x2i 2 years ago
I haven't even played the Stick of Truth - I need to catch up!