Yesterday Microsoft revealed an update that will be coming to the Xbox One Dashboard in the near future. Aimed at being faster and easier to find and do what you want, the new UI is a big change to the tiles that we're currently used to on the Xbox One. Here are some of the new features you can expect to see - along with a video preview at the end of this article:
New Look and Feel The Dashboard UI has been completely revamped to allow more fluid and easy navigation. Vertical scrolling allows you to see the latest games that you have played in your library - along with a link to it's game hub, links to social aspects of it such as sharing and friends currently playing, and also news straight from the developer about updates, patches and DLC. Enhanced Friends, Party, Notifications and Messages... The left hand sidebar will now be home to an enhanced area to view your Friends List and Party Details, your Notifications and Messages, Access to quick settings and more. You don't have to leave your game to access them either. Avatars Avatars make a more prominent return in this update, you will see your own avatar in the top left of the screen just chilling in the bubble, and when scrolling through your friends activity feed update - you will see them waving at you from there as well. Cortana is in-built Cortana will be build into the Xbox now allowing you to communicate with her using just your voice and get her to complete tasks for you without even diverting your attention away from your game. Need to check if someone is online, Cortana can do it. Need to take a screenshot or record some video, Ask Cortana. She can also give you help regarding the game you are playing too, such as achievement information and help on how to obtain it. Is there anything she can't do?
We are confident there will be more to this update than what is shown in the video below but rest assured we will keep you updated once more is known.

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