Publisher: EA
Developer: Visceral
Players: 1 - 64
Genre: FPS
Launch Date: March 17, 2015
Price: £45

Welcome to the next action packed installment of the battlefield franchise Battlefield Hardline. Published by EA and developed by Visceral games. Hardline sees a change from the normal military warfare games opting for the cops and robbers style theme the 'war on crime'. The game follows a newly promoted narcotics detective Nick Mendoza and his partner a veteran detective khaki Minh dal.

The pair follow up on a drug turf war and are soon to find the corruption that lies within. Campaign This installment of battlefield seems to have more campaign content then your other battlefield titles. The game spans over 10 chapters which are cleverly set out as if they were TV episodes each one having a preview of the previous chapters highlights when you start. Hardline introduces some cool new aspects, which you would expect from a police and criminal style game play. Visceral have work hard to have many different ways of completing a level, whether your the gun and run type of player, or a stealthy ninja style player, Whatever you are this is just for you. Also thrown in are special warrants you will need to track down with your scanner and arrested with a well planned out approach.

A new arrest system where you can arrest criminals with a flash of your badge, just make sure you have them within your sight or they may get the upper hand on you. Another cool gadget is the police taser the T62 CEW great for stealthy kills or just for fun. Another new part of the campaign sees the introduction of a leveling up system where certain actions reward you with XP. The levels go up to 15 and each level unlocked sees new weapons and gadgets become available, my personal favourites the grappling hook and the zipline come in real handy when playing Hardline difficulty which is the most challenging play through. As for collectables in Hardline there are 2 types, police warrants where targets will need to be identified and taken down in a none lethal way, whether it's sneaking up and arresting them with your badge or using the T62 but they must remain alive.

The second collectables see you having to search for evidence to build up case files which also adds a very enjoyable detective style to your game. In my opinion in all the last battlefield games there have been vast improvements and for the campaign in Hardline it felt more like a stand along game in itself. A great storyline with a perfect balance of in game mechanics makes it for me the best battlefield campaign to date. Multiplayer Hardlines multiplayer sees a whole host of new game modes, not too dissimilar from previous battlefields but have a very unique twist 'cops and criminals'. Although at first you may think where is my tank, police cars and armoured vehicles still play a huge tactical role in certain game modes.

Helicopters still feature aswell and dominate the skies making some game modes a difficult task. Heist: The criminals must break into a cash filled vault (or as featured in some maps, blow open the doors of an armoured truck) then move the cash filled packages to an extraction point; the police must stop them. If the Criminals manage to escape by bringing all the money to the extraction point they win. Blood Money: Both factions must retrieve money from an open crate in the center of the map, then move it back to their respective side's armored truck. Players can also steal money from the opposing team's truck. The team that first deposits $5 million worth of money into their truck or the team with the most money under a time limit wins.

Hotwire Mode: Drivable cars take the role of traditional Conquest "flags." Like Conquest, capturing cars (done by driving above a certain "cruising" speed) will bleed the enemy team's reinforcement tickets. The team who reduces the other's to zero or who has the most tickets remaining after the time limit wins. Rescue: In a 3 minute long 5 vs 5 competitive mode, S.W.A.T officers must try to rescue hostages held by criminal forces. The cops win by either rescuing the hostage(s) or by killing all the criminals. Criminals win by killing all the cops. Each player has only one life in this mode, that means no respawns. Crosshair: The second competitive game mode in Battlefield Hardline. Crosshair is also 3 minutes long, 5 vs 5 with only one life.

In Crosshair the criminals are trying to kill a player controlled VIP on the cops side who is a former gang member turned states witness. The criminals win by killing the VIP and the cops win by getting the VIP to the extraction point. The ranking system is in multiplayer is slightly different this time around, where rather then XP you earn money. Each ranking level is determined by a set amount of money you need to earn increasing with each level. Each level unlocks more guns and gadgets for each class the cops and the criminals. The mechanics and the way battlefield Hardlines plays feels exactly as you would expect from a battlefield game so you very quickly find your feet and adjust to the missing element of military warfare.

Destructible surroundings collapsing around you still give a upper hand on some games modes, something that is great to watch . But I also think that there could have been more, to really enhance what is happening in game. The campaign and multiplayer sync together nicely and aspects of the campaign like weapons are all unlockable in multiplayer also.

The C62 CEW can also be used for stealth kills and is a very rewarding gadget to get kills with although a tad embarrassing for the player on the receiving end. Overall the multiplayer does not disappoint and is a refreshing new take on the battlefield franchise. I have to agree that this is a very bold experiment in the cops and criminals theme, but I think they have pulled it off and feels a perfectly balanced game.

Summary After completing the game and playing more then 20 hours of multiplayer I would say it's a big step forward from the problems they had with battlefield 4. A very different look from your previous years but again you still know you are playing battlefield. Great campaign which for me was a very nice surprise following previous games and another solid and enjoyable multiplayer experience that never get boring with the different new style game modes

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