Microsoft have revealed the next Xbox console - Introducing Xbox One. The all-in-one entertainment system. Specifications
Here's a little on what we know of the Specs of the Xbox One: - 8 Core CPU - 8 GB System Memory - 500 GB Hard-Drive - Blue-Ray Drive - 802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct - HDMI In/Out - USB 3.0 Features and Rumour Busting Quite a few rumours have been circling the net since the announcement about the next Xbox reveal was made... some of them have been dispelled and here's what we know so far: Xbox Live & Matchmaking
The new Smart Match system will eliminate Matchmaking waiting times meaning that you spend less time in the lobby and more time playing the games you love. Combined with the new console and the fact that the Xbox Live service will now host over 300,000 servers - you're games will be able to cater for more players per lobby and richer, living worlds. In regards to living worlds - environments in game can adapt to your gameplay, and with advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities that can assess your gameplay and learn to play like you allowing your friends to be able to play against shadow copies of you. Gold Membership & Gamerscore Your current Xbox Live Gold Membership will be sufficient enough to access Xbox Live on the Xbox One - there will be no need to upgrade and your Gamertag, along with all your Gamerscore and Achievements will carry straight across. Achievements
Not only that but Achievements are being revamped to award you in new ways. The achievement system will also capture video's of your accomplishments for you re-live or boast to friends as well as dynamically create new achievements over time - meaning the possibilities are endless. Friends List It has been confirmed that the Xbox Live Friends List cap is being raised to 1000 friends as well - although no word on whether these will be sortable in categories or how it would work with 1000 popups of friends signing into Live all the time. The Cloud Xbox One will make heavy usage of Cloud storage meaning that your games, game saves, movies and other media will follow you around wherever you decide to play. Hard Drive Whilst a lot of content will be kept on the cloud - the console does have a 500 GB Hard Drive as mentioned previously - however this is locked into the Console and cannot be removed - however with the introduction of USB 3.0 you will be able to add External Hard Drives to the console in order to increase storage space or transfer content. It is not known whether there will be a size cap like the current console has of 16 GB. Controller, Kinect and Smartglass
Controller The new Xbox Controller has had over 40 design innovations that have built upon the older Xbox 360 Controller - these include a better, more responsive D-Pad and even trigger buttons that can provide feedback to the handler. Kinect
The new Kinect will ship with every console and has been re-designed to be even better than before, it will now have a 1080p Camera with a wider field-of-view that can detect joint movement, rotations of the wrist and shoulder, balance and energy of motion - it can even read your heart beat! Kinect will also have better support for conversations and can recognize your entire family by transferring an impressive 2 Gigabits of data per second! The Kinect Device will need to be plugged in at all times. By having it as a consistent part of every Xbox One, game and entertainment creators can build experiences that assume the availability of voice, gesture and natural sensing, leading to unrivaled ease of use, premium experiences and interactivity for you. Smartglass Smartglass will also be making an appearance now more than ever - Xbox One has been built from the start with Smartglass in mind - it will have the ability to quickly render content directly onto your device, and now more devices can connect at one time for multiplayer and shared entertainment. Gestures, Snapping & Seamless Swapping
Xbox One will have the ability to snap multiple content together - allowing you to browse the internet in a side panel for example whilst you watch TV or listen to music. You can also access the home screen at any time and your Snapped sessions will remain in tact. You will also be able to swap between different content such as TV, Music, Film and Gameplay just using your voice - and it is so fast, you don't even need to wait. New gestures will also allow you to control what goes where such as grabbing, panning and swiping panels. Multiple Operating Systems
In theory, Xbox One has three types of Operating System... one mainly suited for gaming, the other for tasks such as browsing the internet - the third is a hybrid of the two. TV Integration
Xbox One will be able to interact with Live TV - for example, big sporting events will become interactive - you can receive alerts when your team scores in a football game - you can bring up Fantasy Football League stats and converse with friends as the action happens. There will also be a comprehensive guide that will allow you to check what's on TV, what is recommended for you based on previous viewing habits, what is trending in the Xbox community and also what your friends are watching. Game Exclusives and Franchises
Xbox One will boast 15 exclusive titles across 8 new franchises in it's first year of release - that's more than they have ever had at one time! It has also been announced that Xbox One will get exclusive access to Downloadable Content for xboxresource.com/retail/Call-o... before any other console platform. Game DVR
The console will have a dedicated Game DVR that will capture your gameplay as you play, it is then all saved to the cloud where you will then have editing and sharing tools to publish your video to your friends and fans. Skype
Skype is also featured on the Xbox One allowing seamless Skype Video chats whilst you game/watch TV. Avatars Avatars are making the cross-over as well and will port straight from your Xbox 360 along with all of the avatar gear you have purchased along the way. Backwards Compatibility The Xbox One, unfortunately, will not be Backwards Compatible - meaning your Xbox 360 games will not work on the new console - and that also includes any downloaded content such as Games on Demand or Arcade Games - however, when questioned as to whether previous titles would make an appearance in the form of a download without the disc in the future - the reply was that there was nothing in the pipeline as of yet, which leaves this part of the rumor still open for debate. Always-Online A sigh of relief is being expelled from the Xbox Community as rumors about the console needing to always be online to function and/or play games has been busted - no it won't. Or at least not always. There is some confusion currently as to whether the console needs to be periodically connected to the net in order to function properly - there has been mention that it would need to be connected at least once per day and that in order to register new games to your console as mentioned earlier - you will need a connection. But at this point we wouldn't like to say for certain so we will wait and see what happens with this rumor. Trade-ins and Resells Xbox One will be designed to work for those who choose to Trade-In and Resell games despite rumors that they would not - however quite how this would work has not yet been revealed in full - Microsoft plan to address this in the future. majornelson.com/2013/05/21/xbo... of the fact that once you purchase a game, there will be a one-time activation code that will tie the game to your console and your gamertag. Anyone on that console will be able to play the game - however when you take the game to a friends house - the game will only play if your gamertag is signed in - otherwise your friend will have to purchase a pass to play it which will cost the same as the game at retail price. Another exception to this will be games that require an online pass - something that already exists on some Xbox 360 consoles. ...and Finally Xbox One is expected to launch later this year - no solid release date just yet but we will update when there is one! Post Reveal
Now that the lid has been lifted on the Xbox One - we can look forward to this years E3 event to catch more of a glimpse of the console and what it's capable of and also the line-up of games and partnerships that are in line! But it doesn't stop there - there is still a lot to be revealed about the console so stick around and we will report it as it becomes known. You can watch the Unveiling trailer using the Showcase link in the footer. Let us know what your thoughts are in regards to the next chapter in the Xbox saga.[showcase=xboxonelaunch,Xbox One Unveiling Trailer]TP_E6Bn6fWM[/showcase] Sources & Further Reading majornelson.com/2013/05/21/int... majornelson.com/2013/05/21/xbo... theverge.com/2013/5/21/4350662... news.xbox.com/2013/05/xbox-rev... news.xbox.com/2013/05/qa... xbox.com/en-GB/hub/reveal... xbox.com/en-US/xboxone/how-it-... https://twitter.com/XboxSuppor...

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