Today saw the release of a free title on the Windows 8 Platform - Team Crossword. We have put the description and link below for you to take a look at. And as with all free content such as this - we advise that you go and download this as soon as possible as it has been known for content such as this to not be free forever. We don't know for sure though.
Playing Crossword has never been this much fun. With 3 Game modes, Teamwork, Power-ups and Free Daily Puzzles, Team Crossword is the best crossword game for you- anytime, anywhere! With our 3 unique game modes, Team Crossword has something to offer players of any skill level. - Novice players will enjoy the laid-back Casual mode, including power-ups, extra hints and the ability to Bing the answers. - Seasoned players get the full Team Crossword experience with Standard mode. - Veteran players can prove their skills in the Pro mode. Team Like playing with specific players? Add them to your team! Inviting friends to play is quick and easy, not to mention rewarding! Use teamwork to score as many points as possible and make it to the top of the leaderboard! Power-ups Up your game with tons of exciting power-ups! Instantly solve words, reveal letters to your teammates, boost a word's score value or challenge friends by hiding hints! Infinite Crosswords Never run out of crosswords! Every day, you get a free, new crossword to solve. You can even choose from a selection of extra puzzles that can be played both offline and online! If you'd like to solve more, there's always the option to purchase new puzzles with our in-game shop. Features - Play puzzles on-line with friends or against random opponents. - Earn or purchase power-ups to help you solve harder clues. - Play in one of 3 different game modes depending on your level of experience - Earn Xbox achievements and compete against friends for the top position in the leaderboards. - Earn Tokens for word combos and other special feats, and then spend those in the shop on power-ups, game modes and more puzzles. - Build the best team and plan your moves to achieve the highest scores. - Play the free daily puzzle, or use your hard-earned tokens to purchase even more puzzles to play. - Stuck on a tough clue? Use the Bing! Button to search for possible answers in Casual Mode. - Online and Offline Play - Play with touch or with mouse and keyboard

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