Our good friends over at XBLGamerHub have gone Halo CraZy this month bringing a jam packed April dedicated to Halo 4. Now is the time for you to show your Spartan skills as they are running a Halo community montage competition, where you can send in your clips, from your crazy skill clips, epic fails and even your 'WHAT THE FISH' moments. The best of the best will be selected by the folks over at XBLGamerHub and made into an epic Halo community Montage video and shared over on their YouTube channel. One lucky winner will also win an exclusive Halo 4 limited edition metal case signed by the creators of Halo 4 - 343 Industries - including the Franchise Development Director, Frank O'Connor. So what are you waiting for, get on over there and see what the deal is!
Also, whilst we're on the topic of Halo - we have worked together with XBLGamerHub to create a special Halo styled Gamercard to mark the events. You can head on over to our usual xboxresource.com/gamercards... or the xboxresource.com/xblgamerhub/... to get your own.

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