Flixster has released onto Xbox Live in the US and is available for subscribers. Flixster lets you buy and rent thousands of popular movies, check out show times at your local theater or even see the latest movie ratings. It also allows you to:
- Buy or rent standard and high definition movies. - Browse current movie listings in theatres near you. - Peruse new and upcoming DVD releases. - Watch high quality movie trailers. - Access movie details, including film posters, synopses and Rotten Tomato scores. - Easily sort and watch movies from your UltraViolet movie collection. - Navigate using voice and gesture controls with Kinect for Xbox 360.
Screenshots can be found courtesy of Major Nelsons Blog in the footer below.flickr.com/photos/majornelson/... majornelson.com/2013/04/16/fli...

7 years ago
Mega annoyed at this to be honest, wanted to play some Tekken Tag Tournament online with my friend but couldn't.

Not to mention the fact that what with all these Always Online rumours circling for the new Xbox - in the event of this happening again, if the rumours are true you wouldn't even be able to play offline!