#008000">Update Xbox Live should be back up and running again now so if you had problems earlier - try signing in again https://twitter.com/majornelso...
Just in case anybody is wondering why they cannot sign into Xbox Live at the moment... don't worry it isn't anything to do with your network settings - there is currently an issue whereby people cannot sign in. If you take a look at the Xbox LIVE Service Status page it reads the following:
XBOX LIVE Service Users may experience difficulties with the following services: Signing in to Xbox LIVE 4/13/2013 3:28:57 PM PDT: There is still an issue members are having signing in to Xbox LIVE, we greatly appreciate you sticking it out with us while we work as hard as we can to get this problem fixed. Keep checking back here every 30 minutes for another update on our progress.
So don't go messing with your router or settings because it won't work. Also, you may have noticed that in the top right hand of this website there is a little box that pops up when there are known problems for the Xbox Live Service - quick question, should this keep appearing on every page or should it only show once per person, per issue? Let us know your thoughts.support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-li...

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