Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is as fun today as it has always been, the worlds fastest hedgehog doesn't fail to keep you on the edge of your seat with his blistering speed and daring abilities. Originally for the Mega Drive/Genesis back in the early 90's; Sonic 2 is the first Sonic title for this console that allows you to play as Tails 'Miles Prower', a two tailed fox with the ability to fly (although this cannot be used in-game).

The synopsis of game is similar to that of its predecessor Sonic 1; the evil scientist Doctor Robotnik (Eggman) has captured the animal citizens of Mobius and contained them inside giant capsules and badniks. It is your job to go around saving as many as you can by defeating the badniks, defeating eggman and breaking open the capsule. However, Robotnik has bigger plans that need to be dealt later on.

The game takes place in a variety of different stages such as meadows, caves, casino's and chemical plants - each with its fair share of obstacles. You collect gold rings as a form of vitality to keep you from dying and as a means to enter the special stages throughout the levels in order to collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Collecting all 7 will allow Sonic to turn into Super Sonic - however it doesn't have any effects on Tails.

A neat extra that wasn't included in the original release is the ability to save the game at ANY point and reload it from exactly where you saved it. Also the inclusion of achievements make it all the more worthwhile and may challenge you to try new things (such as time trials or collecting all of the emeralds).

With the added online capabilities included, this game has reached new levels of fun - leaderboards mean you can see how you rank up points wise with your fellow friends and with the world. Co-op means you can team up as Sonic and Tails to fight the evil Dr Robotnik (although Sonic always gets priority over the camera and most of the collectables). Vs mode pits you against each other with 4 levels where you must compete for the fastest time or the most amount of rings. There are some issues of lag when you aren't the host of a match but you usually learn to compensate for this pretty quickly.

In short, if you love classic yet ground breaking titles; then this is definately one worthy of downloading.

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