If you cast your minds back a couple of weeks ago you may remember us reporting on a xboxresource.com/article/6877/... - well today he has been officially revealed by Gearbox as Krieg the Psycho! Krieg is the sixth Vault Hunter and as can be seen in the video, he largely resembles a bandit, one that has been experimented on and by the looks of things - is incredibly angry about it! Chances are this guy is going to rely heavily on strength and brute force (much like Brick from the first Borderlands) but thus far we can but speculate as no official word has been mentioned as to what his power/gimmick might be - but you can be sure once it is known we will let you know. He is expected to arrive in May of 2013. Update It has also been confirmed that the Level Cap is being raised to 61 - this will be free for Season pass holders but will cost $4.99 for those without it. Pearlescent weapons will be making a comeback and will be rarer than Orange/Seraph weapons. A new game mode called 'Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Mode' will be making a debut and will be a free update to all players regardless of whether they’ve purchased the level cap increase. This mode will only become available to people who have beaten True Vault Hunter Mode and reached level 50, the enemies in this mode will match the level of the highest levelled character currently in the party.
[showcase=borderlands2kriegpsycho,Introducing the new Vault Hunter - Krieg the Psycho]hxgATY3gX6A[/showcase]

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