Just a quick heads up, get your free The Flash logo Avatar T-Shirt using the link at the end of this article. All you have to do is vote for who you think will win out of various duels between DC characters and you will be given a code for a male or female Avatar T-shirt (as seen above). You can also enter yourself in for some free DLC for the game too but codes won't be sent out until the DLC is ready.injustice.dccomics.com/...

7 years ago
Blasted all of the achievements in a matter of 10 minutes because I'm boss at Wordament!

Also, I might add that a few of the achievements (such as those for playing 10 and 100 games of Wordament) also count plays that were done on any of the other forms of media. So if I play 50 on my phone and 50 on the web - I will get the achievement on both devices! Neat huh!