Gunpowder, a new game for Windows 8, has been released onto the app store.
Play as Incendio, our hero, armed with your wits and a keg of gunpowder to liberate the town's gold from the evil Boss Grimshaw in this explosive new puzzle game! 100 levels of puzzles and mind-bending mayhem await as you blaze a gunpowder trail across the Wild West. Save the day using flaming wagons, Gatling guns, chandeliers, cannons, mine carts, and more! Burn your way through each puzzle and crack the safe with a cleverly placed powder keg! Blow up all of Boss Grimshaw's piggy banks and race the clock to compete with friends as you work your way toward freeing the people's money from his greedy paws. But don't underestimate Grimshaw's trickery. He isn't going to make this easy! Download Gunpowder now, and blast your way to victory!
You can download the demo or full game using the link below - the game currently costs 2.79 / $3.99apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-...

7 years ago
Glad I got mine whilst it was free.

I'm enjoying it quite a bit :)

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