Good news if you are a German player You have a Promotion on your dashboard to get a FREE Internet Explorer 9 Avatar Prop! There is an AD for Internet Explorer 9 at the end of the presentation you can get a free IE9 Avatar Tablet prop. Lets cross our fingers this comes to our countries!

8 years ago
Well I quite enjoyed that read :) I agree with you on Capcom milking it with extra editions of games and all this fancy blah-de-blah DLC. Its ridiculous to say the least. Also all that crap the throw out takes up the entire 100 slots in the Xbox marketplace new releases section.. knocking everything else out.. I mean seriously, who wants to buy different clothes for each day of the week in a fighting game :/ (Sorry, scratch that.. rock band holds 2/3 of the section whilst fighting games fill up the rest with costumes and -The newest Ive seen- In game music!! SERIOUSLY???? IN GAME MUSIC????)

Sorry went off track there lol.. Anyways, I personally think.. when you've played a Beat em up like Street Fighter or Tekken etc.. you've pretty much played them all.. (Don't forget this is solely my opinion) So throwing them out one after the other and just stickin' a new word in front of it whilst adding 10 new costumes and a character is ridiculous!!

I would absolutely LOVE another Onimusha to be released.. Onimusha 2 was fantastic (I think I remember mentioning that game around here on XR a few months back lol) or like you said Dino Crisis. I was never graced with the chance to play it when I was younger, but what i saw of it at a friends, it kinda reminded me of a Resi Evil but with Dinosaurs.. which is A-OK with me lol. They definitely need to bring out more games like these. They really have made some crackin' games in the past, and it is a shame to see them desperately trying to make a few bucks by throwing out these recycled pieces of crap!! (And they're rubbish DLC ]1[/br]
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