You may recall a short while back that we teamed up with the legendary clothing masters Joystick Junkies to bring you a special review that highlighted one of their many products. Well today we can happily show you all another range of clothing that we gave a trial run to over Christmas & New Year and exactly what we thought of it. So without going on for too much longer, we give to you our review of the Battlefield 3 T-shirt & Dog tags that Joystick Junkies made for EA's monolith product.

Now you can have the box art mascot slapped across you're torso!
If you order this shirt in particular from Joystick Junkies, the first thing you will notice when it arrives in the post is that when viewing it through the packaging, you can already see the design on the front. This is all fine and dandy but what you will also notice is how large the design is, the promotional pictures really don't do the shirt any justice. Upon taking the shirt out of the packaging, and being able to take your very first look at your recently purchased product, you will see that the design of the shirt actually spreads its way all across the front of the T-shirt. It really does seem at first that no expense has been spared when it comes to the shirt and its overall look. But if you delve deeper into the design and print you will notice that the print, whilst being a print of high calibur, isn't the best print that Joystick Junkies have decided to use upon this product. It can feel a little rough on touch and sometimes give the feeling of an Ironed on press. Don't let that make you feel like the print is of a shoddy quality though because it isn't. Its strong and durable but won't last as long as other prints that have been used on other products in the past. Whilst the print may not be perfect, the rest of the shirt does more then make up for it though, the size of the shirt will make you feel relaxed and is loose fitting to any shape of body that you may have. You will be able to move around freely without having to fear that the shirt will stick to you. The material that the shirt is made out of is of great quality also, in true Joystick Junkies fashion the material is both lightweight, thick and sturdy meaning no matter what weather conditions you may be wearing this item of clothing in, it will always feel fight for the situation at hand. Apart from that though, you get no added features or branded markings along the t-shirt, you pretty much get what you paid for and that is a fan homage to Battlefield 3, that you can wear anywhere with pride. If some sort of slogan or even picture was placed on the back, or something that points towards the fact that Joystick Junkies actually played a part in designing the shirts, then I think it would have been better then what the final product turned out to be. After all this is all about EA/Dice and the Battlefield series so don't expect to find your so called Joystick Junkies seals of approval anywhere.

The Dog Tags, you can choose from three different varieties to go with each class in game
The Dog Tag necklace is readily available to buy in a few different designs. And when they arrive to you, you will notice that they come protected with rubber seals around them. It is your choice if you decide to leave these on as they keep the dog tags from getting damaged, but in the process of protecting your beloved neckwear, they also take away from the overall look and make them slightly less appealing to the eye. The design problems don't stop there though, when you actually go to wear you're Dog Tag, if you have a muscular neck or shoulders for that matter, you may find that the chain is far too short which will make the item look rather cheap. Also the dog tags come in two pieces; one piece comes with the DICE logo whilst the other comes with an engraved picture depicting something relating to the Battlefield universe. The engraved markings are not all that clear and can sometimes be hard to make out what they are trying to depict, however the DICE logo is nicely made and is of a largish size that fills the whole of the dog tag which is a nice touch. To hold the dog tags, you will notice that they really don't weigh a whole lot; this is mostly down to the size of them. Whilst they are quite big and represent real life army dog tags, the only issue I had with them was that they are quite thin. Don't let this fool you though, even though they are on the thin side and could represent paper quite easily, they are still rather quite sturdy. I tried to bend them in a strength test to see how durable they are, and surprisingly they didn't bend out of shape. Under more pressure, sure they probably would start to warp, but under pressure that would be applied to them with every day use, they held up rather well. The bottom line when it comes to what I got to experience with the Battlefield 3 gear is that, whilst the products themselves are good and worth a purchase, they really can't top the quality of first party Joystick Junkie products. You can tell these have been produced to meet with demands whilst trying to maintain a control on quality. Some may find the pricing to be an issue, but for what you are actually going to get, pricing isn't all that high compared to other items that you could buy from elsewhere. If you are a fan of Battlefield 3 or the series as a whole, then do yourself a favour and purchase this iconic shirt that will look good no matter where you decide to wear it. If you are not a fan but still like the look of the shirt, then again do yourself a favour a give it a purchase, whilst it may have flaws it is still a great product.

Dog Tags

For more information regarding Joystick Junkies you can find them over at: joystickjunkies.com/... For more items in the Battlefield 3 range of clothing, the DICE store will accompany you're every need here: eu-store.dice.se...

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