Another Kinect Fun Labs Gadget is in bound for an un-expected release in the near future. Entitled Junk Fu, the game look like it might put the 'Fun' into Kinect Fun Labs. The idea is to chop and slash junk off the conveyor belt in exchange for burning calories. Check out the official text from Xbox.com:
Can you master Junk Fu? Or will Junk Fu master you? Chop, kick, and smash junk as it flies off a junkyard conveyor belt. Turn junk into junk food by cranking up your calorie burn! The more you move, the more you burn. The more you burn, the more goodies you earn!
However if you are more for a freebie it is looking likely this title will be getting the price tag of 240MSP. This game is being developed by Ninja Bee, who are currently owned by Wahoo Studios - all of their previous games have received a price along with their games. Although on the other hand, Microsoft's close partnership with Ninja Bee might suggest this game will be free. Games developed by Smoking Gun Interactive or Big Science Studios are usually free. If you want to check out some screen shots then two have appeared on Xbox.com:

Also, if that isn't enough for you then Xbox360Achievements.org have the achievements:
Learn To Share - 5G - Share an epic victory picture with your friends. The Image of Victory - 5G - Share 10 epic victory pictures Chop-O-Matic - 5G - Blast through 40 screens of objects without missing Dinner Mint - 5G - Burn 3 Calories in a single game Cupcakes - 5G - Burn 18 calories in a single game Pizza Party - 10G - Burn 35 calories in a single game 5000 Score - 5G - Reach a score of 5,000 Break Away - 10G - Reach a score of 20,000
Junk Fu, of which contains 50G of achievements will be released on January 30th, 2012.

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