At the weekend we announced in the weekly score update email that our curveball in the Xbox Resource Gamerscore League was to introduce a smaller league to run side by side with it. For those who might not have seen the email, we are talking about the Fantasy Gamerscore League (FGL). This league isn't replacing the success of the ongoing one, but a side order, to add in numerous game changers. Ultimately, it means the top scores in the FGL aren't safe. Currently, all the teams that began the league will be able to have a second chance in this one. Gamers can also opt out of the Fantasy League by either responding to the weekly email, or by messaging DJ TapouT via Xbox Resource. Below is all the information you need to know. Overview:
-Teams will consist of four players. -People can choose one person they want to be with, if multiple people vote for the same person then that person can choose out of them which they want. (Message myself or Dj Tapout to let us know if you wish to be with someone.) -The other half of the team will be randomised from those who weren't chosen. -Modifiers will be in play throughout the league. -Scores will be taken weekly, alongside the Xbox Resource Gamerscore League Season 2. -The bottom five teams will be eliminated each week.
Now, we move onto the modifiers in all their helpful and unhelpful glory.
Perks are modifiers which will help out your teams score one way or another, they can also damage another teams chances. One perk is chosen at random per team as the league begins and can be used by any member of the team as long as they send the message before that weeks score. Once the perk is used it's gone, but new perks can be obtained by reaching milestones, such as 10k,15k etc.
-One persons score on your team will be doubled for that week. Teams must decide which person this is used on. -Eliminate the lowest scoring person on any other team. -Ability to steal a persons score from any other team and add it onto your own. -Turn the lowest score on your team into the average score of your team for that week. -The top two scoring members of the team have their scores increased by a quarter, but the bottom two scores will not count.
Skulls are the bad modifiers, and they will be in place each week, chosen at random per team. These can be quite damaging to the team. After each week, a new skull is chosen at random per team, so they are a constant threat. These will be announced each week alongside the scores, so each team know what skull is active upon them.
-One score on the team will not be counted for the week, chosen at random. -A team can lose a member automatically, chosen at random. -Teamscore is frozen for the week, if the team survives the eliminations that week then they receive half of the last weeks score on top of what they earn the next. -The team must hit a combined total of 5000G for the week, otherwise they will automatically earn 0G. -Automatically submits a random player into an Omen with the highest scorer of another team.(More on Omens later.)
Dog tags are like perks, however they require teams to hit different milestones. They are higher milestones but are also more rewarding. They are stackable and not used automatically, so teams can make strategic moves using them. Only one Dog tag may be used each week, so that it remains fair. These are one time only awardables.
-15,000G = Ability to freeze your team from elimination for a week. -20,000G = Bring back someone who has been eliminated, either from your team or another team, and add them into yours. -30,000G = Ability to half a teams score for that week, chosen by the team. -40,000G = Eliminate a team underneath yours and one of their players can join your team.(Top five teams are immune from this until the final two weeks.) -50,000G = Safety from elimination for two weeks and a quarter of the weekly earnings will be added onto your score for those two weeks.
Redemption is available after the first two weeks and will run until week 6. It's designed to help the lower half of the leaderboard still have a chance. Every 2 weeks they will be given a perk at random. This is for the lower half only. This means that they can still cause some damage with their perks to other teams, proving that not everyone is safe from the underdogs.
As for the Omens, these contain big pay offs. Essentially, these are challenges where one person takes on someone else to earn the most in a week. The winner receives their own score and the score of the loser for their team, the loser naturally loses their score that week. You can request an Omen on someone by messaging DJ TapouT, and the challenged person won't know until the scores. Thats the full list of what this league has in store. All that is left is the prizes, which will be announced soon. Happy achievement hunting everyone. ANYONE WHO WISHES TO ENTER BUT WASN'T PART OF THE GAMERSCORE LEAGUE CAN EMAIL DJ TAPOUT WITH THIER GAMERTAG AND EMAIL AND THEY WILL BE ENTERED.

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