Although the Inside Xbox videos have been available on Xbox.com and Windows Phone 7 - it hasn't stopped Xbox releasing it on the iOS app, 'My Xbox' and now on YouTube. The Inside Xbox videos will be uploaded to YouTube as they are released on the Dashboard. Other videos will be uploaded such as Major's Minute and Xbox 101 which is only available in the US. There is also other videos such as Insider Moves on there - these videos are especially useful as you can watch YouTube on Xbox 360, if you are struggling to find the videos on the Dashboard, many users have found the navigation on the new Xbox Live Dashboard hard. Check out the channel http://www.youtube.com/user/InsideXbox

8 years ago
I went and purchased some points for the MK season pass.. all i need now is the online pass XD - this second hand business is gettin nearly as expensive as buying a brand new copy.. lol - Cant wait to test run Freddy Krueger tho :D One of my favourite horror characters of all time :D

Anyone recommend Deadliest Warrior? Ive always been on the fence about to be fair.. but im sure itll pop up on offer again sometime soon regardless ]1[/br]
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