download.xbox.com/content/imag... your still shopping around for Kinect games, or if you fancy a bit of exercise then a new Kinect demo has hit the Marketplace, joining the small amount of Kinect demos already on the Marketplace. MotionSports Adrenaline Wingsuit Diving allows you to play some extreme sports, check out the text from Xbox.com below:
Motionsports Adrenaline features 6 of the world's most extreme sports and this demo let's you try the most dangerous of all - Wingsuit proximity flying! Experience the thrill of hurtling down a Himalayan mountainside at speeds of over 120mph and take advantage of Kinect's full-body tracking as you instinctually lean, jump and duck your way past treacherous obstacles and pull off tricks. Try to collect as many items as possible and break speed records in single player mode. Or try out split screen multiplayer and use the multitude of different weapons along the course to slow down your friends and reach the landing zone first! Once you've conquered this Wingsuit level, check out the full game which also features Mountain Biking, Extreme Skiing, Whitewater Kayaking, Rock Climbing and Kite Surfing. At last, here's your chance to try some of the world's most Adrenaline-fueled activities in some of the most astounding places on earth without risking life and limb!
If you want to download the game, visit it over at Xbox.com marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Pro... and also see some screenshots.

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