As we xboxresource.com/forum/viewtop... creators of Kinect Sports Season 2, Rare and Big Park have compiled a list of fan feedback and requests and have released an update that will be applied next time you start up the game when connected to Xbox Live. Don't forget that the Kinect Sports Season 2 Maple Lakes Golf Pack comes out tomorrow, for the mere price of 400MSP. Read on to find out the specs of the update:
- Challenge Play email notifications - Make your sporting life easier with an email reminder when someone sends a new Challenge your way or completes a Challenge set by you. - Social sharing - Share the outcome of your Challenges on Facebook! Log in with your Facebook details from the Challenge results screen, preview the content, add any appropriate boasts/commiserations and post directly to your wall. - Video chat in LIVE lobby - While waiting in the lobby during Xbox LIVE matches with people on your Friends list, Kinect opens up the option of video chat with your fellow players. - All Golf and Skiing variations playable with Friends over Xbox LIVE - Friends in a connected party can now choose to play one, three or nine Golf holes or any Skiing slope, on a difficulty setting of their choosing. - Issue Challenges from solo games - Send a Challenge from the 'Show Off and Share' screen after completing a single-player match without having to specify Challenge Play first. No more setting a killer score then realising you're not set up to send the Challenge!

8 years ago
I'm a little on the fence about this game.. the first was HAARD as hell lol.. I may give it a rent or something, but I don't think I'll buy it to be totally honest.

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