We xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t... about a new DLC coming to Kinect Sports Season 2, entitled 'Maple Lakes' Golf Pack. Today, a price and date has been confirmed, as well as some screens. Firstly, upon release of the DLC, the game will be getting a title update which will be adding things such as new functions to the Multiplayer side of the game, and Challenge Play Modes. Also, Xbox Live Multiplayer will take the experience further with Video Chat and Facebook integration. Also, Challenge Play is getting an e-mail notification option to let your rivals know that you've beaten their score and what not. Also, developers Rare and Big Park are going to be taking your Kinect Sports Season 2 next year by bringing the Midnight Mountain Ski Pack, which allows players to go skiing under the stars. Also, throughout the spring Rare and Big Park will be bringing free content and also and entirely new sport, of which hasn't been confirmed yet. The Maple Lakes Golf Pack is heading to the Marketplace on December 20th and costs 400MSP. It offers 9 new holes and brings 5 new achievements, worth 125G. Here are the achievements and some screens:
Crater Expectations - 20G - Hit a Hole-in-One on Crater Springs - The lay of the land may be helpful. (All difficulties) Trident Tested - 20G - Hit an albatross on Trident Harbour - A wide tee off could help here? (All difficulties) Bluffin' Brilliant - 20G - Hit a Hole-in-One on Whistling Bluff. A good tee-off will beat the rock (Pro & Champion difficulty) Roller Coaster - 20G - Hit a condor on Hopscotch Coast - Having wind on your side will help you with this (Pro difficulty) Out for the day - 45G - Play the full 18 holes of Golf on Kinect Sports: Season Two in one session.


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