With christmas fast approaching, the best thing to keep an eye out for is a good sale. Microsoft know this and they also know that the previous months discounts weren't too pleasing to some people. This month however sees quite a lot at discounted prices. Without further delay here is what is up for grabs this month. Arcade Games
-Arkadian Warriors - 800MSP 400MSP -Assault Heroes 2 - 800MSP 400MSP -Boogie Bunnies - 800MSP 400MSP -Interpol: The Trial of Dr. Chaos - 800MSP 400MSP -Texas Hold'em - 800MSP 400MSP -Zombie Wranglers - 800MSP 400MSP
Games on Demand
-The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout -Dead Rising 2 -de Blob 2 -Fable 3 -Fight Night Round 4 -Homefront -Kane & Lynch: Dead Men -Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Game Add-ons
-Battlestations: Pacific - Carrier Battles Map Pack -800MSP 400MSP

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