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8 years ago

The 6th of December is nearly upon us and with it will see the release of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard - and a host of new features. We've gone and summarised it a little in this post just so you know what you're in for when it launches but we suggest you watch some of the media as well to make sure.

xbox.com/en-GB/live/updates?... ... &tid=10367

[read]First and foremost are the features which have been in beta for around a month now - which we have summarized for you below:

New Integrated Dashboard
The Dashboard has been majorly updated to integrate full Kinect support across the board. All of the channels are present such as Game, Video and Music Marketplace plus more and with all of it at your fingertips - it's even easier to find what you're looking for or open yourself up to new things.

It is designed to have the same look and feel as a Windows Phone and soon to be Windows 8.

Xbox Companion for Windows Phone
The Xbox Companion for Windows Phone will also be coming out tomorrow which will allow you to use various Xbox services on your Windows Mobile. For more information on this including images, see this link - majornelson.com/2011/12/04/xbo... ... Xbox%29%29

Bing Search
Microsoft have added Bing to the Xbox to allow you to search through their entire catalogue of content, from games to videos, music to apps - you say it, Bing will find it - that's right you can literally tell your Xbox what you're searching for and it will look.

Beacons are basically a new way to let others know what you want to play and when, or find out what others want to play. When you set a Beacon up for a game, you are opening yourself up to a ton of information on who wants to play what and when. It even has the ability to add these beacons to Xbox.com and even Facebook - meaning no-one will miss out.

Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage will make a welcome entrance on the Xbox 360, enabling users to save content to the 'cloud' - an online storage facility that let's you access your saved data from any Xbox with an internet connection.

Roaming Profiles
In conjunction with the Cloud Storage ability, you can also save your profile to the cloud meaning you no longer have to recover your profile - instead you can just login.

Facebook Sharing
As mentioned earlier, Beacons can be shared on Facebook, but that's not all - you can now boast about your achievements by sharing them on Facebook to your friends.

Entertainment and TV
Next is the myriad of entertainment companies that are going to be jumping on the Xbox bandwagon by offering their services in the form of apps. The lengthly list can be found below:

Spoiler - click to view

For the Official Press Release of the new Dashboard - microsoft.com/Presspass/pres... ... 360TV.mspx

To watch the Press Release video for this update, follow this link - http]