Calibur11 have very recently over the past year or so taken the gaming world by storm by offering gamers the chance to purchase top of the range gaming cases that go under the name of Vaults. With that said, recently the company has had a string of hits with their gaming cases and also big promotions to attach certain franchises to the Calibur11 name so a case could be made especially. To coincide with the launch of EA and DICE's Battlefield 3, Calibur11 have taken to the drawing board to try and come up with something extra special to celebrate the launch and to offer the fans something extra special for their consoles. The question is though, how does the end product come out? Is the case really worth your hard earned cash? Read on as we delve deep into our full on review of the Calibur11 Battlefield 3 Vault! Let's start the review by mentioning what you will be getting if and when you do decide to purchase one of these special edition vaults. First off when you receive your brand new vault in the post you will be struck by the highly detailed packaging that your lovely plastic peripheral will come in. The attention to detail and folding doors was a really nice touch and this just goes to show that Calibur11 are going all out to show that no expense was spared when it comes to delivering you a high end product. Inside the box itself you will find what it is that you have paid out all that money for, and it will all come neatly packaged and easy to open up and get your grubby mitts all over. This is where the build quality of the vault comes into play though. You will no doubt be excited whilst taking out the pieces of equipment from that high quality packaging. The second you get your hands on the plastic though you can feel the weight in your hands. This is the second that you know you Calibur11 haven't produced a sloppy product which would easily snap or crack if dropped.

In fact the plastic itself is quite thick which only goes to sum up how sturdy you will know this case will be when assembled. One issue I did have with how the case looked though was that the pictures made the smoked effect on the case look better then it actually turned out to be. Whilst the case is matt black the added smoke effects help to make the case a more greyish colour as if it had been through a war and came out the other side. In the corner of the case, on the right side panel you get the signature approval from Calibur11 stating that this is indeed a special Battlefield 3 case. The signature itself is of high quality and its not some cheap hard plastic that shows off the Battlefield logo. Instead what you get in its place is a soft almost foamy like plastic that nicely covers up the signature of the case to stop it from getting damaged. So you may remember that I said when unpacking the case you had to take bits out of the box piece by piece, this means that yes you will have to assemble parts together before assembling it to your Xbox 360. Thankfully though you will only need to assemble the controller cradle to your vault for the time being and to do that all you need to do is insert the four smallish screws that come with the vault itself. Once the cradle is assembled it's then time to start putting the case onto the Xbox 360 or should that be the other way around. The reason I say this is because to start with you have to put your Xbox 360 onto the vaults main stand. This is then where the case will slowly start to build up from whilst you assign both side panels to the console. Once the side panels are assembled though and you have pushed down to make sure everything is securely locked in, you then need to screw everything together to make the perfect fit and your new home for your Xbox 360. Overall as you can tell from reading that, the assembly aspect really isn't too difficult and even if you make a mistake you know you're not going to damage the case in anyway shape or form. Once everything is assembled properly and your Xbox 360 slim console is nice and secure you will no doubt take a step back to have a look at your brand new case, and you will easily notice how great it looks fully assembled and what a great fit it really is. The case itself when attached to the Xbox makes it a little more bulky but easily noticeable and will no doubt stand out when put into a crowd of other Xbox 360's if that's not enough the case will no doubt grab the envy of all of your other fellow friends and family.

The claymore and flash bang grenade fixtures that feature on the left side of the case are a really nice touch; the claymore itself actually lights up and features three different modes that you can toggle between and a fourth which turns the lighting effect off. Unfortunately the claymore does require batteries and doesn't light up all that well unless the room is really dark. Because this is the first case that doesn't require a USB connection to light up the fancy gadget on the side, it's only natural that the lighting would end up being slightly under powered but it still looks great to see a pulsing claymore as you spend time on your favourite games. If you're not a fan of what comes attached to the side of your case though, Calibur11 have designed the vaults to be able to accept interchangeable parts and accessories so that you can make your vault exactly how you want it to be and help it stand out from the other battlefield vaults currently on the market. Changing the parts is relatively easy also with you only needing to unscrew a few screws to get your part loose ready for something new to go on. So is the case value for money, especially seeing the high entry price that Calibur11 have set themselves? Well in an honest opinion no probably not, the retail price is simply a little too high for what you are getting. If the price was slightly cheaper then yes maybe it would be more acceptable but for the sixty nine pounds they sell for at retail it's a pretty niche market. Obviously when taking the risk to produce a vault that is made for a specific game, risks and factors needs to be accounted for and the vaults need to be designed to accommodate those risks. Because of this the design choice that has been made for this vault is quite stellar and easily fits into what Battlefield 3 is all about, guns grenades and a whole lot of smoke, but with that said this is probably the worst one off special edition case that Calibur11 have produced for two reasons. The first is that the other specials such as the Major League Gaming and Gears of War 3 cases look better and secondly the claymore and smoke grenade additions are available to purchase for normal vaults at obviously a lower price. You will only get the standard editions and not the light up claymore or the DICE signature flash bang, but that's not the point. Offering the consumer something that isn't unique and can be purchased in the store is a real sore point. Take out those negatives and the Battlefield vault is easily a case that will please many fans of the series and even looks good for none battlefield fans to boot. Take out the high price point and you're onto a real winner and something we can say go out and purchase. Even if it's not this case in particular with the wide range of vaults Calibur11 offer and accessories to boot, there really isn't any reason why you can't purchase or create something that accommodates to everybody.


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