With Black Friday nearing ever closer, Microsoft have felt the need to add their own flavour into the mix and help celebrate by offering up some content on games and DLC for some of the top titles currently on the marketplace, so without further a do, this is what you can expect to find for your cash.
Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm - 400MSP Bejeweled Blitz - 200MSP Magic the Gathering 2012 - 400MSP Super Meat Boy - 400MSP OutRun - 400MSP Bejeweled 2 - 200MSP Stacking - 600MSP The Fancy Pants Adventure - 400MSP The Baconing - 600MSP Phantasy Star 2 - 200MSP Sega Soccer Slam - 600MSP Flotilla - 200MSP Pinball FX2 diverse packs - 400MSP Homefront The Rock DLC - 200MSP Asssassins Creed: Brotherhood Da Vinci Disappearance! - 400MSP Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing DLC - 280MSP
For me personally these deals are a little underwhelming when put up against past deals, but don't forget that on Black Friday itself their will be a few more titles released for one day only, and the same applies to the Monday following. So will you be picking up any of these?

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