Since 'CoD World At War' hit our shelves, 100,000's of xbox live gamers have stormed their consoles in the aim of prestiging before their friends. Only one thing has been slowing them down to getting their goal. This is the Nazi Zombie mini game that you are rewarded with in completion of the single player story mode.

A team of up to 4 players are locked inside an abandoned building in a small contained room with only a few wooden planks nailed to the windows keeping them from getting malested by flesh hungry Zombies. The aim of the game is to survive as many rounds as possible, zombies will crawl, stumble, limp and even sprint towards the entrances and tear off the wooden boards to get at you.

You have to defend yourself whilst repairing the wooden boards and look around at all the other entrances to make sure you haven't missed any zombies in the distance sneaking up behind you. If you die the whole thing ends and you have to start again. The Opportunity is there for the players to open other rooms of the building and unlocking better weapons but doing so will give the Zombies a lot more ways to get in and catch you off guard.

Many people have been asking why this game is so addictive, being able to take a dead Nazi's head clean off with one carefully aimed bullet out the end of your rifle. I'm personally hooked on this game and can't get enough of it.

Share your views, what do you find yourself looking forward to playing when you get home from work/school? Which way do you think treyarch should head with there design team - Making WWII Games or Zombie blood and gore leaving Infinity Ward in charge of the military side of things.

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