What's that you hear? A new Xbox? That's right, although rumors that were around were naturally true, Official Xbox Magazine have oxmonline.com/next-xbox-will-b... that the Xbox is to be Slimmer and Cheaper, this is a great bonus as many people are finding the current Xbox 360 to be rather pricey, and cluttering up space. It is also to run Windows 9. We have barely reached into Windows 8 yet, so for it to be running Windows 9 - it must not be coming out anytime soon.

However Microsoft is still to make the decision whether to call it the Xbox 720. Although it is a rather 'cheesy' name, hopefully Microsoft would have something better to call it. What are your thoughts on a new Xbox?

8 years ago
New tech is always good, but I will wait for some official word before getting too excited. The link to OXM states that it's based on a CVG story, based on the tablet that guy got. While it could be legit there is also a chance it isn't. I try not to put much hope or expectations into something until theres official word.