As previously announced, a free table was coming to Xbox Live for Pinball FX 2. Not only is it free and fun, but it comes with 50GS which is reasonably easy to get. Everybody loves free stuff right? Why not check out the trailer here: xboxresource.com/viewing.php?t...

Hurry though, the table is only free until November 2nd, otherwise it will then cost 240MSP.

About the Paranormal table: Players will assume the role of a paranormal detective and investigate mysterious and supernatural phenomena including hauntings, weird creatures, and inexplicable lapses in the laws of nature. Solve the mysteries of a rotatable mini playing field with four different mini games, supernatural events, time portals and floating objects. Top it off with 10 flipper bats and you have one of the most exciting and engaging pinball tables ever!

You can download it marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Pro...

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