Namco Bandai have pulled back the curtains to reveal Soul Calibur 5 Limited edition and it's looking very nice indeed. Those of you who like to have more than the game will be in for a treat seeing the amount of content added to the limited edition. Feast your eyes on the details below and a picture showing what will be inside.

- SoulCalibur V game software
- Exclusive book box case
- Hard-bound artbook
- Exclusive signed artwork from the development team at ProjectSoul
- Making of DVD
- Original CD Soundtrack
- Parchment Letter
- Special Character Creation Items

No price has been announced or if this will be a retail exclusive but be sure to keep yours eyes open for this one. As we reported earlier this week, it seems the rumour of Ezio from Assassin Creed is real and will be the guest fighter in this brand new instalment to the series. The game is set for a release date of 31st of January for the USA and 3rd of February for the UK.

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