Developer: Miniclip.com Mobile Division
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Genre: Platformer
Players: Single Player - One, Multiplayer - 2-4
Platform: Windows Phone 7
Launch Date: 7th September 2011

Please Note: Review may contain spoilers.

Seriously, everybody loves a good platformer. Splosion' Man on Xbox Live Arcade was a great hit, so great it even got followed up with a sequel. Super Mario has had countless sequels and prequels, it is clear that everyone loves him. Enter Gravity Guy, a small but mighty and clever game from Miniclip. For 2.29 you get a jam packed game with endless levels and modes, all with Xbox Live features. Not forgetting local Multiplayer is abundantly competitive.


You have to remember that when you're paying a couple of quid, for a game on a small screen, along with any limitations, you can't expect astonishing sound effects and graphics. With Gravity Guy, you are simply sprinting down labyrinths of a huge long path, trying to reach the next checkpoint without dying. This seems relatively easy however there are blocks which are determined to terminate your path.

What makes this hard is that you have an enemy behind you which will soon warp you up if he catches up with you. However the only way for him to catch you is if you don't flip gravity, which prevents your character from moving, the enemy will then come and warp you. Flip gravity you may ask? The whole purpose of this game is to flip gravity so you land on the opposite platform above. You need to go up a step? Flip gravity to go above and then flip again to come back down. But, isn't that tricky? Very, this game requires a lot of skill and precision. The longer you go without stopping the faster you get. Luckily, every short while there are checkpoints, which act as new levels however you are still in the same run. The game play is great, provides everything you would expect from a platformer, the run on effect level to level is great, no need for menus or selecting a new level.

Single Player: 8.5/10

Here is your scenario: You're sat, in a waiting room, bored as a boy in a girls bedroom. You decide to pull out your mighty Windows Phone 7. Out of the list of games that the Windows Phone 7 offers, Gravity Guy jumps out as the one to spend time upon. The Single Player aspect of the game is easy to control, with Gravity Guy automatically running, you are only required to tap anywhere on the screen to flip gravity. The levels get harder and harder as you progress. Sometimes they can get too hard, and with no option to skip to the next checkpoint, this can become annoying as you can be sat in torture for hours, just trying to progress to the next checkpoint. The Single Player does have a Story Mode, which will take a long time to beat, getting harder and harder as you progress.

Gravity Guy is Trying to Escape From the Enemy

Endless Mode: 8/10

Endless Mode is a great idea if you are looking for a break from the gripping Story Mode. It allows the player to freely run, slowly, with the enemy on your tail, however this time when you die you start again from the beginning. Seems like a bummer? Not so. Every time you restart the level it is formatted and designed differently. This feature is a well thought out one, canceling out the need to get stuck at the exact same point as you did before, or even getting bored with the same level designs. You will eventually speed up and go towards a faster pace, just to push you that little bit further. There isn't much to say about Endless Mode, it does what it says on the tin, it's endless until you die. It is a great break from Story Mode and includes all the features from Story Mode but on an easier level.

Practise Mode: 6/10

At the beginning of Practise Mode, you get to choose a level to run without worrying that the enemy will come and warp you up. However you have to be careful that the screen doesn't out run you. For example if you stay in one solid spot for good few seconds you will be pushed out of the left of the screen. Practise Mode has all of the features from Story Mode. Choosing a level is a great addition, as opposed to just chucking you in there. However has the same difficulty level of the Story Mode so you couldn't say you were progressing much if you found that your problem was the levels and not the enemy.

Practise Mode is a good addition to Gravity Guy and is exceptionally useful if you do not like the enemy feature. However, it will not save your progress upon exiting, so when you do exit this mode, you will need to start again the next time you feel like practising.

If I were to add anything to the Single Player aspect of the game, I would add a Time Trial Mode. This would allow players to try and beat previous scores. Also I would add a skip action onto the standard Story Mode. In action of a penalty, it could take -1000 points away.

Gravity Guy, 4 Player Multiplayer

Multiplayer: 7.5/10

It's not often you can say that local multiplayer on a Windows Phone 7 was epic or awesome. Gravity Guy provides players with local 2-4 player competitive multiplayer. All at the same time. Upon selecting the multiplayer option, in the menu you have to tap to select as many players. Each player gets a part of the screen to tap, to flip gravity. Players are illuminated by going too slow, thus causing them to be wiped off the side of the screen. Multiplayer is great with Gravity Guy, but as you can imagine, four people round one small device can be hard, so it would be better if there could be an option to see who lasts the longest without being wiped off the screen, taking this mode player by player. Multiplayer is a great addition to this game, is good fun if there is two or three people however the minute you play with four people, it becomes rather crammed and hard.

It is also worth noting that at this current time - it is impossible to obtain all 20 achievements as 2 are DLC and are implemented into the game and aren't obtainable.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics on this game are outstanding, vibrant and light really makes it stand out and great to play for any age or generation. 60FPS is a must for such a fast paced game like this, Miniclip really didn't fail to impress with these graphics. The background and game style gives the effect of a futuristic setting. Every few levels the game will change the setting. Whether it is in the sky or at night, Gravity Guy shows you all, in fantastic High Definition. With all the faced pace and movement, never once will you experience lag or failure. You wouldn't expect much from a mobile phone, handheld gaming device however the graphics are extremely good.

One of The More Trickier Stages

Sound: 6/10

Gravity Guy's sound has a catchy theme tune that can be enjoyed by all however you wouldn't want to listen to it for a long period of time. You feel a part of retro 1980's arcade sound when listening to the theme tune in the menu. The game does have sound effects however they are very minimal and you may not notice them. Every time there is air between your feet and the ground, Gravity Guy will thud, upon meeting the surface. There are also sound effects when you proceed past check points and hit blocks that cause you to run faster. When you tap buttons in the menu, there is also a sound effect. Maybe the game is so amazing, you don't notice these sound effects?

Achievements: 5/10

Achievements are always good fun to get, however time specific achievements are sometimes hated by some. You can get about 30G easily, without much effort depending on your skill level. Some achievements that are easy to get include dying 100 times, or even flipping gravity 1000 times. These achievements come without much effort and will come soon enough if you play a lot. Some other hard achievements include playing the game for one hour straight. This is easy if you are sat waiting in such places like airports, however may use up your battery life. Another achievement that will take a long time to get is to play the game for a total of 10 hours. Yet again, this will come over time.

Then there is one or two, next to impossible achievements which require you to pass 20 checkpoints without dying, or finish Run Chapter in one go, which will definitely get you the achievement for playing 1 hour straight. If you are looking to get an easy 200G, you should look elsewhere, as this game is hard for achievements. However if you are just looking for some fun then this would be a bonus, as the game is so far more entertaining.

Difficulty: 9.5/10

The game will start off very easy, flipping gravity in order to continue your journey is easy enough, however, when you start getting further on in the game, you will experience dying numerous times and not being able to continue for a while. This can cause you to get rather frustrated with the game, and want to either play another game, stop playing or head over to practise or endless mode.

If you are looking for an easy game then Gravity Guy isn't your one. Gravity Guy gets extremely challenging and annoying so you will need a lot of patience in order to succeed past the next checkpoint. When you do finally get past the next point, you will naturally sigh of relief.

Gravity Guy Will Need to Flip Gravity to Continue

Extras & Summery

Gravity Guy, is a fantastic game and is highly addictive. There are also a few neat Easter Eggs in the game which are enjoyable however I feel the game could have been improved more, such as a skip option for when you get stuck. If you feel you enjoy the game, however are no good, you can always head over to the credits, which allow you to play without being chased, pushed off the screen or any way shape or form of dying.

I would recommend Gravity Guy to people who enjoy most games, who aren't fussed about difficulty and are looking to have fun, however I wouldn't recommend Gravity Guy to people who are looking to complete the game on an easy level. The graphics are great too. Over all I give the game a 8.75/10. Like mentioned before, there could have always been that extra mode that could top it, such as Time Trials. If you would like to play an online version of Gravity Guy, which has less features than the Windows Phone 7 Version, check out Miniclip's website: miniclip.com/games/gravity-guy...

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