Sega have unveiled the first trailer for the Xbox Live Arcade game Renegade Ops, the trailer showcases lots of explosions and guns firing ammo galore.

The main draw though to this trailer and the DLC as a whole though, is that Sega have somehow managed to team up with Valve to bring you, the legendary Half-Life buggy as an in game vehicle to drive around and cause lots of mayhem in.

Not only this though but one of the new special weapon types in the game is that you can now use antlets to attack your foes and make them blow up.

To view the explosive trailer you can view it in our showcase.

[showcase=renegadeopsvalvedlcannouncementtrailer,Renegade Ops Valve DLC Announcement Trailer]http://www.youtube.com/v/6EX4PjBtySo[/showcase]

8 years ago
PC only though I bet. Shame

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