Inversion is one of those games that, if you let it, it will fly right under the radar and will become a massive sleeper hit. It's also one of the few games that when the team attended this years GAMEFest, we wanted to actually get a hands on preview of it. But unfortunately we never had the time to actually get around to playing it.

What sucks more though is that Sega have released the latest trailer for Inversion which shows off how to play the game offensively by showing you a number of weaponry items that you have at your disposal, mainly weapons like the Grav Link which is a weapon which lets you manipulate gravity, be it high or low.

Without spoiling too much about what this trailer has to offer, we have attached just for you a link to our showcase which lets you see the video for yourself. The trailer really shows how good this game can be if done correctly.

[showcase=inversionoffensivegameplaytrailer,Inversion Offensive Gameplay Trailer]http://www.youtube.com/v/OQiqc4Dj_bE?v=[/showcase]

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