Activision has sent out the latest gameplay trailer for there upcoming Cabelas Survival game entitled Shadows of Katmai.

From viewing the trailer all the normal elements of a Cabela game seem to be here with the wild animals and the shooting them afterwards, but things seem to have a slight twist also.

That twist comes in the form of this game seems to have some sort of loosely fitted storyline included within it, and if that is the case this could be shaping up to be one of the better Cabela games.

Whilst I can admit I don't really follow the hunting game scene and therefore Cabelas as a whole, this trailer did have me slightly impressed by what it showed off.

To view the trailer you can visit our showcase link which will take you right to it.
[showcase=shadowsofkatmaigameplaytrailer2,Shadows of Katmai Gameplay Trailer 2]http://www.youtube.com/v/1HyJc1zcQ7I[/showcase]

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