Indie games are occasionally over looked by most of us gamers and it's really sad that they are. They are games made by the community for the community, and require support to reach a high enough status for companies such as EA and Activision to take notice. Professional $tealer is one of those games that deserves a chance like all other indies games.

For example, Codemasters and Rare (Formerly Ultimate Play the Game) started off as small developers, and look where they are now. Brush and Code consists of a three man team, and this is their first title, and hopefully not the last. So have they stolen the gold and got away or were they caught by the police?


You start the game off with a tutorial level where your coach teaches you the moves to be a professional. The game is based on you running above building rooftops. He will lay down the three rules of been a professional stealer. The first rule is Don't interrupt him or he will throw you off the building, Second rule is to listen to what he says or you could end up dead. The third rule? He forgot the third rule.

After this he will ask you to start running like there is no tomorrow. You will need to jump over satellite dishes and even the police. You'll notice the police since they will have a blue helmet on their head and hold a machine gun towards you. You do have a choose to kill them if you have picked up a knife. You have checkpoints in the game as well to help you out if you died or fell off the building.

As far as the controls go, you jump by pressing the A button, and double jump by pressing it twice. You can also use the RT button to slide under other obstacles, LB to slow down the speed you are currently running at, and RB to speed up. You can collect energy drinks which provide you an extra speed boost.

These controls work fine, however there is also the wall jump to take into consideration, and this is the hardest move to perform. Firstly you must jump at the wall, then use the left d-pad followed by the right d-pad. If you're having trouble doing it on the d-pad you can use the analogue stick. Including the tutorial level, you are provided with eleven levels.


The game provides a relaxing dance beat, and it's the right type of music to keep you going through the game. As far as the sound effects go, whenever you perform a jump you receive a whooshing sound, most likely due to the velocity of your run. The police also say various things, such as freeze, stop, halt or wait, in attempts to stop you. This is quite handy, as sometimes due to the speed you are running at, they can be easily missed and ran into.

This gives you a good chance to slow down, jump over them or throw a knife at them. If you fall off a building, then your character cries out in pain. However if you either run into a satellite dish or into the police, you hear a thump due to the contact. As each new stage opens the stealer runs out of a glass building with the glass smashing behind him. If you have died or have to restart the mission, someone from the top roof of the will say He's getting away! with you running quickly ahead.


Like most Indie games, the background and foreground are pretty basic looking. Your character has a red baseball hat that seems to be too big for his head and keeps hopping on his head. The design of him is pretty much of a stickman done by a thin pen, while your coach will have a thick marker pen look. Along the top of the screen is all your information.

In the top left, you have an indicator of how many knives you have collected in the current stage. While the image shows a bunch of knives, they count as one knife. In the top middle of the screen you can see three bars, one for speed, one for slowing and finally one for energy.

When any of the bars are full, they will begin flashing: red for speed, yellow for slowing and blue for energy. Finally, in the top right you have a progression bar. This shows you how far along the level you are.

The game features a nice background which features a great user of colour. The background indicates the sunset over the city sky, and the way the developer has used the dark blues and lighter oranges works really well in the levels settings. Some of the buildings you run across do have lights which are either on or off, luckily, no-one comes out of these windows screaming at you.


As previously mentioned, the wall jump is the most difficult part of this game, and at times proved to be quite annoying and easy to fail. The game also features a challenge mode, where players have to avoid every obstacle that stands in their way and even comes crashing down on them. In this mode, it's about how far you are able to run, and once you fail, it will provide you with how many meters you managed to survive.

The game isn't too hard at all and is mainly about timing your actions. The only thing that can be a problem for some is the length of the checkpoints. One of the other things that could annoy people is how fast you're going and missing your jump. Again this is all about the timing of your jumps and or sliding.

You will have to do a mixture of the two at times and be quick on your fingers to do this. From stage five onwards, caution is advised due to the new layout of the area. It's also heavy on the wall jumping ability, which can prove tough at times

Summary 7/10

This is one of those Indie games which deserves to be noticed. Sure, there are longer and harder games out there in the ever growing Indie Marketplace, but it's one of those games that stand out from the rest. For 80MSP, this is truely a bargain and a great buy.

The only real complaint I have with the game is that you can't change the controls. Got two controllers? Have a blast on the two player mode!

8 years ago
So it does! I'll just edit it out! Thanks for the info!