Another Kinect UK tour has been announced and details have come forward. The Kinect tour allows gamers to test out the Kinect and some of its games. This year the tour includes a more innovative and personalised trial experience, visiting places such as London, Newcastle and The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. The Kinect trial will also be present at Disney on Ice shows and at retail stores across the UK between October 2011 and March 2012. The tour begins in the Metro center in Gateshead on the 29th September.

Anyone who wishes to take part in the experience can book through the facebook.com/kinectforxbox360... Each persons experience should end up differing as this tour is all about being personalised to each member who has booked a tour. The games included are listed as:
-Kinect Disneyland Adventures
-Kinect Star Wars
-Kinect Sports Season 2
-Dance Central 2

A cool option which has been stated as being available, is when people arrive to test the Kinect experience out, they can wear a RFID wristband. This is stated to allow the Your Kinect Facebook app contact your account and update the status to show what you have played and how you did. This would allow people to easily share their experiences with all their friends. This includes pictures and videos, all by swiping the band at the numerous points located at the booth.

Along with the mass of information that has come out, Stephen Mcgill, the Director of Xbox and Entertainment has stated:

We are delighted to be taking Kinect on tour again this year. Seeing really is believing with a product as magical as Kinect, and we have some truly amazing games launching before and after Christmas. With a product as innovative as Kinect it's only fair that the tour experience matches that. Not only will consumers receive a personalized experience it will be completely integrated with Facebook using RFID technology to create a unique trial experience.

On top of personal experiences, people who go to the Your Kinect Experience locations on weekends can also test out the latest version of Windows Phone, which includes even more intergration with Xbox Live. No gaming tour or event is complete without a prize or too, and this proves to be no different. Visitors will have the chance to win prizes of the day, which could include Window Phones and Xbox 360 bundles. All visitors can also have their pictures taken on their favourite game, printed and ready for pickup as they leave for free, as well as receive an exclusive discount offer for Kinect, so they can buy it in time for Christmas.

For those who are interested in Kinect Disneyland Adventures, the game will be appearing across the UK at selected Disney on Ice shows from 7th October, giving all Disney fans a peek at the game before launch. Disneyland Adventures will also appear at the Disney Inspiration Store in Oxford Street, London during the October half term. Below you can find a list of dates and locations of this tour:

Your Kinect Experience

-Metro Centre, Gateshead: 29th September - 23rd October
-Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherd's Bush, London: 26th October - 28th November
-Clothes Show LIVE, NEC, Birmingham: 2nd December - 7th December

Kinect Disneyland Adventures Tour

-Newcastle Metro Radio Arena: 7- 9th October
-Disney Inspiration Store, Oxford Street, London: 21st - 27th October
-London Wembley Arena: 28th - 30th October
-Birmingham NEC: 4th- 6th November
-Sheffield Arena: 11th - 13th November
-Nottingham Arena: 18th- 20th November
-Sheffield Arena: 9th - 11th March
-Birmingham NEC: 16th - 18th March
-Liverpool Echo: 23rd- 25th March

Will you be attending either Your Kinect Experience tour or the Disneyland Adventures tour?

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