It appears that the ESRB have yet again outed another game which hasn't been publicly announced or spoken about in awhile. The game in question though is Ubisoft's I Am Alive which is there survival game which was announced way back in 2008.

As we all know though the game has hit many stumbling blocks and has fallen off the radar many times, there have been so many rumours floating around about the game over the course of the last years its actually quite hard to keep up to track with what could indeed be true.

But today the ESRB rated the game has Mature which means that if they have rated it the game cant be that far away from release surely.

The ESRB normally only review games that are in a near complete state so that they can have age ratings applied to them before they go on sale, but with Ubisoft not formally announcing any recently about the game could an announcement not be far away. Will we get to see it early next year at all?

We will keep our eyes peeled on this one though and be sure to keep you informed, as me for one i am very interested to see how this will develop as i have been interested in the game since it got announced.

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