Tim Willits the creative director behind the upcoming first person shooter Rage, as confirmed that the game will be shipping to the Xbox 360 on three discs.

Two of those discs will be used for the games story whilst the third will be used as the multiplayer disc for the game, when asked about the situation Willits replied with We recommend installing the game to the hard drive, but you don't need to install all three discs, If you don't have the space available on your hard drive, don't stress. Install the first disc, the first chapter, the first half of the game, then when you're done, uninstall and install disc two. You don't really need to install the multiplayer disc if you're really tight on hard disk space.

Not only did he go on to mention that though he did discuss the process the team over at Id Software went through to make the game multi-platform, this is what he had to say There are more similarities between them than most people realize, so they developed a codebase that would take care of these multi-core systems, It makes a lot more sense than taking on old technology and shoving it into a modern day console and then having to multi-thread. So the basic gamecode is the same, the basic engine is the same and it's only the graphical APIs, and a few sound things that are really different on all the three systems, which is really nice.

So will you be picking Rage up when it goes on sale from the 4th October?

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