It's the weekend and time for another raging Loading ... Please Wait ... First of all I would like to say a big thank you for everyone who commented on the first edition and I'm glad you all enjoyed it. This is all about having a massive debate and it's doing a great job so far. Now that's out the way time to set the rage meter on high!

We all know the score when it comes to video games movies and vice versa. They can either be okay at max or just complete and total utter crap. We all get excited hearing about the title X being made into a movie and then some of us going even deeper, as in search the internet or magazine, whatever type of media that says details about the film. So then we read it and our hopes are either dashed in the bin or raised the bar of delight.

Anyone here remember the Super Mario Bros film? Pretty bad wasn't it. How about even worst ... Double Dragon? Hey it had the guy who played the T-1000, how bad can it be? Really bad. Street Fighter, King Of Fighters, Dead or Alive, Tekken and God forbid ... Resident Evil. The list goes on and even more films are in the work. Gears of War, Uncharted, Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 4 to name just an handful!

Some of them got lucky. Project Zero (Fatal Frame) was meant to be made into one but was later cancelled. Halo ... Well I really hope they don't bring it out to be honest. But really are we looking at this in the wrong way? We're expecting a play by play transform into a scene by scene. Now let's be honest, is that really what we want? Yeah it'd be cool to say Oh yeah this is the part where ... or Oh man I remember this part when I played it! Sure'd it be great but at the same time, we need to look at what alternative storylines can come out of it as well.

Remember these are NOT meant to be canon. Canon meaning it's not following the official storyline, timeline, whatever. It's based in its own universe and can rip it into shreds if they want to. We the hardcore fans complain about it and even go as far as not touching the film at all. Don't get me wrong, some of us do have the one eye open to see how bad it is. Personally I'll wait till it comes on normal tv channels than pay to watch it in the cinema or cable tv. Problem is, Hollywood are rubbing their hands together and looking at the sales. Paul W. S Anderson, Uwe Boll and others are names that have either made our dreams come true or ruin them so badly that we cry when we hear a new one is been made.

Bit off topic, Paul Anderson to me, destroys anything he touches. AVP (Alien Vs Predator) is a prime example of this. I had a hard time focusing on one of the fight scenes because of the camera angle. It was like the camera man was drunk and didn't know how to hold the camera at all! Nevertheless I say Paul got lucky with Mortal Kombat. Yeah looking back at it now and you can see how bad the CGI was. But remember, he did something no one else did. He made video games films get taken seriously.

Uwe Boll. I got a lot of reason to dislike his films. If you haven't seen House of the Dead the movie by him, don't because you may want to do damage to yourself. If you did, glad you're still with us. The movie itself was a joke. I had the unforgivable time to watch in horror the Director's Cut version. How the hell are you gonna mix live action with video game footage?! Seriously it just doesn't work!!! What were they thinking?! Was the Uwe Boll scoreboard that said : Oh yeah let's make them run and then when it comes to a door, switch the Dream Cast on and load up House of the Dead 2, add the scene where loads of zombies come at you and then switch it back to live action?! NO MAN! JUST NO!

You're right. They should just it make it scene by scene. As a fan of King Of Fighters I was on the bench about hearing it been made. Then I heard they was adding time travel to the game. (0) title=NOOO />!!! How hard is it to just bring a simple storyline already made and just port it into a film? Seems the answer to that is ... Pretty damn hard. The main problem is, no matter how much we scream, shout, kick ... Our voices are never heard. All the film makers can hear is money been made. Hell they are so blinded by it now that they have PYD as eyes. What does that stand for? Pounds, Yen, Dollars.

Why don't we just let the game makers make the movie then? Can it really be that bad? Well ... Those who brought Shenmue 2 may remember that they was given Shenmue The Movie. This was a string of cut scenes from the 1st game made for the cinema viewing in Japan. You either liked it or didn't. Me? I never watched it myself since I wanted to finish the game. Still not played it myself due to the amount of Dream Cast consoles I've been through. Going by Wikipedia, there has been more like this, Metal Gear Solid, Red Dead Redemption and more.

Square Enix tried it more than once themselves by making Square Pictures. Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within was a box office flop. After that they appeared on the Animatrix DVD. They closed soon after. What went wrong? It does leave me confused why so many people disliked or even hated Spirits Within. Sure it wasn't FF7 but back then you always had a new storyline for the new games. So why not the movie? Resident Evil Degeneration was okay at best again. One thing that did bug me about it was Leon having a underwater kiss for that long. Are you serious?! Hopefully the sequel Damnation will be good.

So people I leave you with this question, if you were the director, writer, producer ... One of the three, and you had in your hands a triple A title to work on, would you sell your pride just to make money? Or would you let the fan boy in you scream and make the film the way you know it best as?

Thanks for reading!

8 years ago
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I have to agree with you on the Tekken and Resident Evil movies... never really seen much game to film releases - played a few film to game releases and some are good and some aren't but the films - I gave up after the second Resident Evil film and I am a huge fan of Resident Evil (or at least I was when it was survival horror with zombies and mansions etc). The Resi films are not canon and therefore shouldn't even bear the name Resident Evil - let alone similar characters. Degeneration however, was a good film - it was good to see Leon and Claire back together.

Tekken has always had a place in my heart since the first one on PS1 - to this day I still believe no arcade beat em up has ever come close to Tekken in any way shape or form - sure Tekken has it's silly characters like Gon and Mokujin etc... but it's still a serious game - and I don't think they captured it in the film.

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within wasn't really a port of a game to film - it was more of a new storyline bearing the FF name - much like the games do. But they did release Advent Children - the follow up to FF7 featuring Cloud, Barrett etc... and that in my eyes was a good film - lot's of action.
8 years ago
Yeah, it's easy to hate a ton of movie-game tie-ins, particularly when the majority of them have been sullied by Mr.Boll. (You know your movie's in bad hands when the director would rather fight his critics in the ring than better himself!). The main reason why game adaptions are so bad is because the film makers DON'T EVEN PLAY THE GAME! Both Paul-Wes Anderson and Uwe Boll have stated that they haven't played the game due to either lack of time, or just not liking games - which is just plain dumb! Rule number 1 should be Get someone who knows gamage!

Anyhoo - I see why so many game-films sell - the idea of seeing a real-life portrayal of your favorite sprites/polygons is always enticing to the fellow gamer. It's like a taste of the future of gaming visuals... and I understand that movie makers want to tell their own story and not just reshoot 2 hours of a game into a plot. This also gives the viewers something new to see. The problem is - they usually go waaay to far. Doom, SuperMarioBros, etc - really seem to miss the games draw entirely. What we need is someone Snyder esque. As much as Zack Snyder's hated for his overuse of slow-motion, etc - he does a damn good job of sticking to the source material. (And the film wouldn't just get by with quick references to characters and such like the RES:E films.) Also of note : Sucker Punch looks just like a computer game, right?

(By the way - I only really enjoyed the second RES film. It was a bad B-Movie, but that's what the games are supposed to be anyway! I also enjoyed Degeneration for the most part.)

The best place for game-movies at the moment seems to be direct-to-dvd - at least until someone gets his finger out his ass. :P
8 years ago
If the Halo movies go ahead and are even half the quality of their live action style adverts, I'm pretty sure I'd squee like a fan girl and demand the cinemas to take my cash.

That said though, there haven't been many games-to-film that I've enjoyed. The Resident Evil series, frankly, wasn't a terrible afront to the series, nor was it a reasonable addition. I try to watch them as just a sci-fi zombie flick, making them somewhat more enjoyable.

I think the issue comes in that usually these movies don't have big Hollywood actors or for that matter, big Hollywood budgets. The main issue however is that, half of the time, the majority of the actors haven't even played the game, if any at all, meaning they have no feel for the characters' personas or personality quirks.

I won't get started on Silent Hill, another film I only watch if I remember not to try and put it as Canon.

If they do Red Dead Redemption...That better be nothing short of perfect. Truly. Fucking. Perfect.

Save for a few niggly little things, that game is easily one of the best games of my lifetime thus far. With a heartwrenching story, relaxed gameplay, a top notch soundtrack, breathtaking views in quite reasonable graphics and memorable characters without exception, it portrayed humanity at both their best and worst along with some seriously harsh life lessons...You get back from life as much as you put in. - To ruin such a masterpiece in film would be like throwing orphans into a meat grinder.
8 years ago
A game movie HAS to follow the video game, theres no need for new scripts as its already there. The hard part is selecting what games would make good movies. A Mass Effect movie in the right hands would be great, but at the same time, people play it in different ways, and they'll want to see their Shepard playing their story. The same can be said about any open world sandbox styled games such as Fallout (although that web-series of Fallout: Nuka Break is fantastic), Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Borderlands etc.

Theres also timing. What could take you an hour on a game, would get covered and completed within the space of 10-20 minutes max. Probably my main point on game movies would be the fun factor. While a movie in good hands could work, nothing can replace the fun, epic feeling you get when you beat that certain part of a game you have been stuck on.