Whilst this may seem like old news to some, I have deliberately been holding off posting about it, this is mainly due to the reason that there have been many rumours and or hearsay regarding the matter.

Anyway a few days back Microsoft confirmed that the Windows Mobile Mango update will indeed be dropping in one or two week's time, which is just in time for them to do battle with the Apple iPhone OS 5.

Not only that though but many mobile phone carriers scattered across the world are also reporting that they have Mango sitting and waiting ready to be pushed out to mobiles as soon as Microsoft give the go ahead.
A date of September 27th seems to be floating around a lot at the moment with a lot of phone carriers also saying the same date. The Deutsch T-Mobile company even have gone on record to say that they will be dispatching Mango as early as Monday 26th in the morning.

All major carriers in the UK have confirmed that Mango is ready to roll out, and Sprint and Verizon in the US have confirmed that they will be deploying Mango when they get the go ahead.

So whatever the reason for the delay is, it seems like Microsoft are looking potentially at a worldwide release, and get all those lovely WP7's upgraded at the same time.

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