Everyone loves Double XP, whatever the game. Crysis 2 offers Double XP on all game modes and maps this weekend. The event is currently live, and runs through until Monday - depending on your time zone.

The official statement from the developers as follows:

Starting this Friday, 23rd September at 12pm (BST) and running up until Monday, 26th at 11am (BST), Crysis 2 will be dishing out ANOTHER double-XP weekend, this time for all platforms! After our recent releases of CryENGINE 3 and the Crysis 2 SDK, this weekend gives you a chance to get back in game and earn some extra XP between different mapping and modding projects!

There are no restrictions on game modes or maps (excluding custom maps), so grab your friends and earn some new gadgets and guns... and lots of XP, of course!

Don't forget now is a great chance to get the Crysis? What Crysis achievement, worth 35G, which requires you to level up to Level 50. It is also worth noting that over the coming days (yet, depending on your country) you can earn the Dedication achievement worth 25G, which requires you to play the game 6 months after release.

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